2022 farm truck inspections

Thank you to the farmers who participated in our 2022 Farm Truck Inspections on April 21 at the Wild Rose Co-op Cardlock in Killam. This annual safety program is designed to give producers an opportunity to have their trucks inspected prior to the busy spring season. In addition to giving farmers peace of mind, it also makes our roads safer for all motorists.

Thank you also to Alberta Sheriffs David Van Reeuwyk, Al Doutre and Harrison Pronick, and M.D. of Provost Peace Officer Ian Green, who all assisted Flagstaff County Peace Officer Skyler Zelinski in the joint-services event. (Back row from left to right: Ian, Harrison and Skyler. Front row: David and Al.)

Special thanks also goes out to the Wild Rose Co-op Killam Bulk store for the warm hospitality. The Co-op held a draw for a Milwaukee cordless 2-speed grease gun. Participants of the truck inspections were also offered a special on diesel engine oil, transmission hydraulic fluid and diesel exhaust fluid.