rhpap survey

The Rural Health Professions Action Plan, or RhPAP,  knows that all rural health-care providers have their own reasons for choosing to live, work and play in rural Alberta. What were the deciding factors for you as a rural health-care provider? Did your rural roots draw you back or were there other things that enticed you to choose rural Alberta? RhPAP would also like to know how their programs may have supported you in your decision to 'go rural'.

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Please help them to learn more about the range of factors that entice health-care providers to practice in rural Alberta communities by filling in this brief survey: RhPAP HCP SURVEY. Your input is very important, helping to ensure their programs are the right ones to help attract and then keep HCPs in rural Alberta.

Established in 1991 by the Government of Alberta, the Rural Health Professions Action Plan, or RhPAP, is a trusted resource and collaborative partner for rural Alberta communities trying to achieve greater access to health care.