img 0675From Africa to Australia, Flagstaff County has received some positive interest from around the world in recent months.

Tanzania’s ambassador to Canada paid the County a visit over the summer to see first-hand the use of Gravelock, a soil stabilization product used to strengthen road subgrade.

Dr. Mpoki Ulisubisya, appointed as ambassador by Tanzanian President John Magufuli earlier this year, arrived in Flagstaff County on July 30.

Public Works Superintendent Darrell Szott and Field Coordinator Gary Longhe met with Ulisubisya and his Ottawa-based team, including Chancellor Leonce Bilauri, along with Gravelock representatives, at the County office. The contingent then toured Flagstaff County, stopping at several locations to get a closer look at Gravelock-treated roads.

img 3095 2“The ambassador and his team were very interested and impressed with your roads program and procedures. It was very informative for them to see a road rehab with Gravelock in progress. They found it to be very beneficial to see it in person and to see the quality of your roads and roads network,” said Helen Rohrs, of B.C.-based Gravelock.

“They are excited to take a report on what they observed and the potential to emulate the program you have created and the technology back in Tanzania. There is a great need in Tanzania to improve their gravel roads and infrastructure, so it was very educational and inspiring to them to see Flagstaff’s methods and success. Thanks again for hosting us for the day!”

Danny Tkachyk, of Impact Agencies, Inc., a Gravelock distributor based in Sherwood Park, echoed those sentiments.

t1“The day went very well. Couldn’t have asked for better weather for us to travel around the county checking out roads that you have treated with Gravelock,” he said. “The ambassador and chancellor saw roads that were newly treated, all the way up to roads that were done six years ago. I think the highlight for them was actually watching the construction crew working on a section of road and having them all take time to explain what they were doing and letting them get close to the equipment. We really appreciated the time Darrell and Gary took to explain how Gravelock works for Flagstaff, as well as the time the construction crew spent with us.”

This comes on the heels of an online article published in June. MetroCount, an Australian-based company specializing in traffic data, featured Flagstaff County’s use of what the company calls its “RoadPod® VT” system.

Longhe was interviewed for the article, which can be accessed HERE.

News of the international attention was no surprise to Flagstaff County Reeve Don Kroetch.

“Flagstaff County Council is very aware and appreciative of the Public Works department’s innovative and proactive approach in providing very efficient and effective service to all Flagstaff residents,” he said. “Being an industry leader speaks to the professionalism and quality of the entire Public Works department.”