Strategic Plan

County Vision

To be a strong, vibrant and sustainable regional Community of communities through collaboration and a focus on economic, social and environmental cooperation that contributes to a rural essence and quality of life.

strategic plan 2018

Flagstaff County's Vision is supported by 'strategic themes' that connect the vision to the policies of the municipality, the business plan and budget. To support this effort County Council has developed a Strategic Plan that is linked to and acts as an umbrella high-level plan under which the County‚Äôs Business Plan and Budget will fit.

A. Collaboration

Strengthen relationships to build a strong, vibrant and sustainable region that benefits all citizens.

B. Economic

Pursue economic initiatives that promote sustainability, diversification and growth within the region.

C. Social

Support and promote a strong, vibrant, resilient, healthy, inclusive and safe Community of communities that addresses local values, social issues and well-being of its citizens.

D. Programs and Services Delivery

Provide citizens with effective, appropriate and financially responsible levels of service.

E. Environment

Promote the value of a healthy, sustainable natural environment and encourage its effective stewardship to ensure its preservation for current and future generations.


Strategic Plan 2018-2022

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